General Emergency Exercise for Angra dos Reis Power Plant

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A general exercise of the emergency plan for the Almirante Álvaro Alberto Nuclear Power Plant (CNAA), held on 23 and 24 September, with the participation of several federal, state and local agencies, including the IRD. For this exercise a pos accident scenario was considered. For the preparation of this exercise, a two days’ workshop was held on 17 to 18 of June at IRD, where 118 participants from Army, civil defense, power plant operator, environmental agencies, and regulatory authorities were represented. The Emergency workshop addressed the main topics to be considered after a nuclear emergency, among them: The Angra dos Reis real time monitoring system, Radiological Surveys, Environmental modeling, Remediation of contaminated areas, Decision making about food consumption after an accident, People decontamination, Field detector calibrations, Assessment of external and internal exposure of public, Cytogenetic , and the code used for cancer risk projection in Brazil. Also, more than forty officials of army were trained as multiplied trainee for collecting of environmental samples.

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