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Education and Training

  As a consequence of many years of experience in the fields of education and research, the IRD offers a unique postgraduate program in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry- masters and doctorate degrees - in the fields of Radiation Biophysics, Medical Physics, Metrology of Radiation and Radioecology. Read more ...

Ionizing Radiation Metrology

  The metrological area of the IRD aims to provide Brazilian society reliability, universality and quality of measurements and standards, with applications involving the use of ionizing radiation such as the medical, environmental, industrial areas and scientific research areas. Read more ...

Medical Physics

Photo:: Luiz Tadeu

  The Division of Medical Physics of IRD (DIFME) has a staff composed by fourteen graduate professionals, seven doctors, six masters and a bachelor in science. It seeks to be updated with the needs and challenges that the application of radiation in medicine demands. Thus, the group develops scientific and technological research in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. Additionally, DIFME takes part to the education Read more ...

Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection (DIRAD)

  The mission of the Division of Environmental and Occupational Radiation Protection (DIRAD) is to maintain and protect the environmental and occupational radiological safety of the public and workers. These duties are carried out by analyzing radionuclides and stable elements in environmental samples and workplace for evaluation of local environmental Read more...

Dosimetry (DIDOS)

  The basic standard of radiation protection CNEN NN-3.01 establishes that the annual radiation dose received by occupationally exposed workers is subject to optimization and limitation. To ensure that the practices are in accordance with CNEN NN-3.01, it is necessary to measure the received doses. This process is called dosimetry. Read more ...

Emergency preparedness and Consequence assessment

  The continuous growth of demands for application of both nuclear power and ionizing radiation sources in several industrial and research segments in our country has increased the probability of related accidents and incidents occur and, as a consequence, the need for optimization of the response capacity to radiological and nuclear emergencies situations, by the accomplishment of actions aiming the protection of workers, public, facilities Read more ...
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