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The Institute of Radiation Protection and Dosimetry (IRD) is an institute of the Brazilian Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN). IRD addresses national needs in assessing and analyzing public and workforce radiation dose and risk; developing and operating national security radiation emergency preparedness and consequence assessment; ensuring the quality and the traceability of radiation measurements and managing education programs to help supply scientists, engineers, and technicians to meet future science and technology needs.


IRD collaborates through partnerships with government agencies, academia, hospitals and industry in a manner consistent with the objectives of promoting solutions for the safety use of ionizing radiation.


The main objectives of IRD are:

• To carry out scientific research and to develop technologies in the areas of radiation protection and metrology of ionizing radiation;


• To share best practices and knowledge concerning radiation protection;


• To assure the traceability of radiation measurements to the National and International Metrology Networks;


• To maintain a trained and integrated team to respond to radiological and nuclear emergency situations in Brazil;


• To give technical support to Brazilian Government Agencies and private Industries, Companies, Hospitals and to carry out independent verification activities


• To offer services that are preferentially not provided by private companies: dose assessment, equipment calibrations, radioactive sources, analysis of environmental samples and dosimetric films;





IRD employs around 250 people, encompassing many specialists, engineers, researchers, physicians, and technicians.

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