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Medical  Physics

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Technical  competence  and  commitment   to  the  safe  use  of  ionizing  radiation  in  medicine

Front side cover image: The IRD Digital Radiology Laboratory

Central opening image: Anthropomorphic phantoms for protocol optimization in nuclear medicine

Training in radiation protection

Dosimetry in dental radiology

Quality control in radiotherapy

Protocols optimization in SPECT and PET/CT

Dosimetry and quality control in digital radiology

Fields of expertise:

  •  Development of quality control programs in diagnostic radiology;
  • Development of quality management and dose and image optimization programs in conventional and digital mammography;
  • Dosimetry and image quality control in dental radiology;
  • Development and implantation of the program "National Assessment of Radiological Protection and Quality Control in Interventional Cardiology Services";
  • Dosimetry of medical staff submitted to high exposure levels in interventional radiological procedures;
  • Development and maintenance of a database containing dosimetric information from patients and staff involved in interventional radiological procedures;
  • Assessment of doses and risk of cancer following radiation exposure from CT scans;
  • Preclinical and clinical dosimetric studies in the development of new radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine, by imaging techniques and numerical simulation;
  • Optimization of medical protocols and quality control of SPECT/CT and PET/CT hybrid equipment according to national standards and international recommendations;
  • Evaluation of occupational and public exposures in new nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic techniques;
  • Quality control in radiation therapy, including equipment performance, precision and accuracy in patient dose delivery and treatment planning;
  • Computational and physical clinical dosimetry of patients undergoing radiation therapy;
  • Radiation protection of patients, workers and members of the public in radiation therapy;
  • Radiation protection training for professionals and undergraduate and graduate students, by academic advising, courses and practical training, in the different fields of ionizing radiation applications in medicine.
  • ( Our mission is to contribute to the safe use of ionizing radiation in medicine, more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments.)

( IRD collaborates with universities, research institutes, health authorities, medical and scientific societies and other national and international

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